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    Ganapati Saha – Building Owner

    My friend suggest me Shield’s contact. They purchased design of their Mahadev Mandir from shield. I was in a rental house. So, they provide every design in time. Everyone dear to me liked house design so much. My friends and naibours also bought Shield’s design. I also refer them to District Magistrate for his house renovation. Excellent experience, completely satisfied. Thanks and grateful towards Shield.


    Samsuddin Midda – Building Owner

    I found them in internet. Sir, came for site visit and listen my situation and requirment, Shield supprot me to keep everything within budget. I dreamed of creating a garden in my home. They give me a beautiful garden and a beautiful home. My daughter and wife select the design. Very good experience. New and Unique house. Thanks to Shield.


    Pranab pal – Building Owner

    I have changed engineers and designers three times. Then my Rajmistri give me Shield’s contact no. their designs are very good quallity. Shield design my house as i wanted. Every time they support me. My brother, wife everyone 100 % satisfied with the design. Excellent experience. I never thought I will have this beautiful home. Thanks and lots of for Shield.

    Customer Experience Level

    Rated 4.9 out of 5
    4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
    Very good10%

    Questions & Answer

    What is the phone number of architect, civil engineer, interior designer in Burdwan?

    Contact or mobile number of Shield-Architect, Civil Engineer, Interior Designer at Burdwan - 9593423616

    Can I choose the exterior and interior design of my choice at Shield Company?

    Yes, you can choose from the list and galleries of shield's the top and best architectural home plan and interior design in Burdwan.

    Will any architect or civil engineer come to inspect and discuss my home construction site before the construction of my house starts?

    Yes, architects and civil engineers look at and examine the aspect of your project before starting it.

    How do I get a home loan?

    Contact Shield (7001754989) for important information about home loan and tell them the amount of money you need.

    Sir, Will the architects and engineers of Shield, come to check whether the house is being built properly and its quality is being maintained?

    After planning and designing, the shield's architects and engineers inspect your home every week during the project to build the house according to plan and maintain the quality of the house.

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    Shield – Architect, Civil Engineer, Interior Design Center is dedicated to developing areas and providing services around Burdwan, town and municipality in Burdwan district of West Bengal, India. In Burdwan subdivision, Alamganj, Amra, Angirbagan, Baburbag, Badamtalla, Bahir Sarbamangla, Bajepratappur, Barabalidanga, Baranilpur, BB Ghosh Road, BC Road, Berhmore, Bidhanpalli, Bijayram, Birhata, Bhatchala, Borehat, Boronilpur, Burdwan Raj College More, Chotonilpur, Dhaldighi, Dewandighi, Frazer Avenue, Gangpur, Goda, Golapbagh, Hatudewan. Hazramath, Ichlabad (2-5),Indrakanan, Indraprastha, Joteram,Kamnara, Kalibazar, Kalna Gate (Sukantapally), Kanchannagar, Kantapukur, Kanainatsal, Kestopur, Keshabgunj Choti, Khagragarh, Khapukur, Khana, Khoshbagan, Lakurdi, Lasker Dighi, Laxmipur, Locogolghar Colony, Meghnadsaha Pally, Mehendibagan, Mirzapur, Mirchoba, Narimore, Natunganj, Natunpalli, Nawabhat, Netajinagar, Nirmal Jhil, Nutanganj, Parbirhata,Parkus Road, Pirbaharam, Policeline, Polempur, Railway Loco Colony, Radhanagar, Rajbati, Rajganj, Rasikpur, Rathtala, Rayan, Renaissance Township, Sadarghat, Sakaripukur, Saktigarh, Saraitikar, Sarbamangla Para, Shyamlal, Shreepally, Subhashpalli, Sadhanpur, Talit, Tarabagh, Tejganj, Tentultala Bazar, Telipukur, Tinkonia, Tikorhat,Udaypally, Ulhas, Vivekanand College More in these areas we provide Home Plan and design..

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