This year 2020 has become the most decisive year for India. After COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic, need and necessity in improvement of health care sectors has increased surprisingly. Quarantine cell and health care unit setups are required everywhere, and this feels like a night mare in such a diverse country with 130 core people and different landscapes. Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata has slum areas where social distancing is like myth and having highest chance of spreading diseases in a large community. Suddenly internal immigration has also become a problem for administration, neither those immigrants are safe at their home nor we can check them personally, whereas setting up quarantine center in every Panchayet is almost impossible. Even we cannot afford spending a lot of money in this situation just because global recession has already engulfed our economy. So our motto should be investing money over sustainable solutions which will be useful even after when the pandemic situation goes away.

OBJECTIVES OF THIS PLAN: Provide Heath care facilities during corona breakdown.

Setting up Quarantine center

Checkup center

Rapid installation

Shelter for internal immigrants

Cost effective

Reusable investments Easy to sterile

Easy to transport in remote location

Modular and customization as per requirement


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