How to build a good building? And

With more than 10 years + experience in industry. We marked important things you should know to build a good building. and
Benefits Only Available on SHIELD

100% customize building design as your family desire and need.

Tell us your requirement then we offer you complete customize design as per your life style, family profile, land condition, Budget, culture and many more things you need and desire. We have more than 100 + architectural style and engineering technology to it..

Modern Architecture

Starting to end support

Take help of of us for starting to end. Our duty starts from plan and design stage and end when you move in to your building.

Multiple specialized people in one centres

Get a team of experts it is much better than depend on one person. No body has master degree in every thing. Our team has various experts like. Check More

Get Government approval and financial benefits from anywhere in India

Set your budget. If you need financial help with our plan you can get home loan from Bank or any other financial institution and apply for various Govt. Schemes. Also get approval for construction from any where in India.
  • Pan India approval
  • Home Loan
  • Financial money from PMKVY and other schemes for eligible persons.

Safety and Quality of building as per requirement of Govt.
and Indian Military persons.

Safe home, Safe life – you have to safe your home from outside people to extreme environment. We have many experience to design home for Indian army and other security personal. Also technology to make it more safe and guidelines of various Govt. agencies.
  • Indian Military, Security persons guidelines
  • Indian building Laws,
  • Indian standard Agency
  • Architecture Council of India
  • Public Works Department

Beautiful design landmark building
Success stories

See Some designs and meet our old experienced customers. They have Successfully created a landmark house in their area.

10 out 10 people approves good experience, a special home and thousands of benefits for life

Surajit Chakrabortty
  • Modern
  • Comfortable
  • safety
  • privacy
  • Smart Investment
  • Support until griha pravesh



Ganapati Saha – Building Owner

My friend suggest me Shield’s contact. They purchased design of their Mahadev Mandir from shield. I was in a rental house. So, they provide every design in time. Everyone dear to me liked house design so much. My friends and naibours also bought Shield’s design. I also refer them to District Magistrate for his house renovation. Excellent experience, completely satisfied. Thanks and grateful towards Shield.


Samsuddin Midda – Building Owner

I found them in internet. Sir, came for site visit and listen my situation and requirment, Shield supprot me to keep everything within budget. I dreamed of creating a garden in my home. They give me a beautiful garden and a beautiful home. My daughter and wife select the design. Very good experience. New and Unique house. Thanks to Shield.


Pranab pal – Building Owner

I have changed engineers and designers three times. Then my Rajmistri give me Shield’s contact no. their designs are very good quallity. Shield design my house as i wanted. Every time they support me. My brother, wife everyone 100 % satisfied with the design. Excellent experience. I never thought I will have this beautiful home. Thanks and lots of for Shield.

Customer Experience Level

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
Very good10%

Reduce expenses from building construction to lifetime living

90% of people waste their money to build a house. Some of them are able to figure our percentage. Others cannot even able to judge the percentage. It is a budget failure. We have experience and research to protect your money up to 30% while construction and prevent budget failure. It is also economically good for state and country. Less wastage is also good for environment.

Energy efficient building and low electricity bill

Make your building nature friendly, openings for natural sun lights and air. It will reduce your electricity bill and save lakhs - cores of money in long run. our customize electric, plumbing and may more parts of planing will help you.

Dynamic Vastu Compliant

Add your culture and traditions in your building. Our customize vastu plans will be perfect with modern day requirement.

Healing Interior for physical and mental health.

You have to make many rooms of building in such way it will be nature friendly and this parts of building will be healthy for your every family member.

Garden & Roof Landscape

Modern, relaxing, nature friendly garden and rooftop landscape

Control your project from office, home or any part of world

Monitor and take full control of your project. With our files plan and design you can check and control your project from any part of the world

Last three years project report
Milestone Achieved

  • Successfully complete projects cost more than 50 cores for the last three years within West Bengal.
  • Potential savings 14 cores wealth for last three years within west Bengal.
  • Give solution and smile to more than 500 people in the last three years.
  • Created peoples staying and working place more than 3 lakh sqft in last three years.
  • Created Iconic buildings from villages to towns of West Bengal and Jharkhand.
We are one and only Community in West Bengal in our own way. Our Awareness program helped more than 700 needy people in the last three years.
Online Service Onsite Service

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Design warranty

Prepare and have backup plan for critical issue. With our design warranty if something goes wrong by construction workers or any other reason we will update that design or guidelines for excellent quality building.

Money-Back guarantee

After planing stage one if you are not comfortable with us we will give you return your money for rest of stages.
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